Friday, November 14, 2008

Take Action! Senators Support Needed - Economic Recovery Package

Next week, 60 Senators will be needed to prevent millions of people from losing their jobs, exhausting unemployment benefits, going without food, and becoming homeless.  Read more information about essential components for an economic recovery package in Towards Shared Recovery.  

Please contact our senators and encourage them to support the economic recovery package.  The nutrition elements could have positive impacts on those we serve.  Below you will see more details on how to take action and links to further information.  

An overview of the nutrition component is as follows: 
  • $10 Billion - Food Stamps
  • $450 Billion - Women, Infants and Children (WIC) 
  • $30 Million - Commodity Supplemental Food Program 
  • $165 Million - The Emergency Food Assistance Program - This is a program that provides food commodities to the Second Harvest Food Bank. 
Call your Senators toll-free at 800-473-6711.  
Congress will be in session during the week of November 17.  Call anytime between now and November 19.  

Here's what you need to do:
Call the toll-free number; you'll be connected to the Capitol Switchboard.  Ask to speak to one of your Senators.  
Tell them:  I'm a constituent, and want Senator _____to know that our state desperately needs an economic recovery package that includes help for people being hurt now,such as:  food stamps,unemployment benefits,state aid to prevent health care and other cuts,jobs to allow energy efficient rebuilding, and help for people in danger of losing their homes.  We need your vote for recovery that works - for our people and for the economy!

Then call back and ask to speak to our other Senator.


If they fail to act, time will be lost that could have broad impacts.  From now until January, people will face loss of all that is most basic:  jobs, homes, food, health care.  As always, people with the lowest incomes face the most serious threats.   Failure to invest in rebuilding our infrastructure, preventing state cuts, creating needed jobs and preventing loss of homes will make the recession deeper and longer.  Every week counts in getting our economy back on track.