Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stopped in its Tracks: Important Step Forward for Food Stamps and CalWORKS Reform

AB 1057, introduced by California Assembly member Jim Beall, Jr., was held in the Assembly fiscal committee, a victim of the state's budget crunch. The bill aims to simplify the Food Stamp and CalWORKS programs, thereby encouraging participation in these crucial social-safety net programs.

But this bill has found itself in the Assembly Appropriations Suspense file and is being held in committee. Some of reported reasons for shelving the bill stem from the current budget crisis. There are concerns, particularly among Republican officials, about the upfront costs to implementing the program, as well as the fact that the current budget proposal eliminates CalWORKS – a key program in the bill. The next likely opportunity for the bill to be debated won’t be until January of 2010 unless something in the budget can be worked out.

Thank you to all of those who have taken steps to support this legislation. The bill may be stalled for now, but we still need your help!

Further information about this legislation can be found at:

*Special thanks to Frances Chacon, Principal Consultant for Assembly member Jim Beall, Jr.