Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Backyard Produce Nourishes the Hungry

We are thrilled that the California Department of Food and Agriculture has finally lifted most of their restrictions and we can once again accept donations of backyard produce. For several years, we have been under quarantine due to the northern California discovery of the light brown apple moth in 2007, a leaf-destroying pest native to Australia.

Fruits and vegetables grown in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties may be donated to the Food Bank without inspection as long as the produce is donated within the county it was grown. Gardeners cannot donate fruits and vegetables with small holes, leaf material, or signs of feeding damage caused by a caterpillar. This exemption from inspection only applies to fruits and vegetables, including leafy green vegetables.

With the year-round growing season we have here, our gardening community is in a position to have a major impact, and help close the hunger gap in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. We already have seen countless boxes of backyard citrus fruits this winter, and hope that as your gardens are laid out this spring, you will keep the Food Bank in mind.
Let’s nourish those in need with freshly grown fruits, vegetables and herbs from our own backyards!