Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're increasing access to fresh produce for our low-income neighbors.

A volunteer bags fresh corn for a Family Harvest distribution.
If you're having trouble making ends meet, chances are, fresh produce is not going to make it to the table.

For so many of our low-income neighbors, including fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet is an unaffordable luxury. Chain grocery stores have been moving out of lower-income neighborhoods, also decreasing access to produce. Fortunately, Second Harvest's refrigerated Produce Mobile has rolled into some of our most isolated neighborhoods, driving fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need.

The mobile distribution sites give clients a free farmer's market shopping experience and help families establish life-long, healthy eating habits. By incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into their daily diet on a regular basis, not just when they can afford them, their bodies can reap the nutritional benefits and make a lasting impact on their health. In addition, children grow up with a taste and desire for fresh foods!

Have you been incorporating more fresh produce into your family's diet? Please share your experience—triumphs as well as difficulties— in the comment field below!