Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zombies support the Food Bank

On August 26, hundreds of people are expected to show up for Zombie-o-Rama in downtown San Jose. This year, event organizer Dan Vado of SLG publishing has set up a food drive to compliment the Zombie Crawl and film showing of "Shaun of the Dead".

A barrel will be set up at the movie site (Starlight Cinema) as well as at Zombie-O-Rama HQ (otherwise known as the SLG Art Boutiki).

"We're all looking for ways to make it through this very hard time, so the stuff that really resonates with people is about community," Vado says. "The first rule in a zombie apocalypse is to stick together, because that's the only way to survive."

I never thought I'd find myself in a position where I wanted to thank a pack of zombies... But wow, thanks guys!

More information available on the Zombie-O-Rama blog, at and in this Mercury News article.
Photo by Josie Lepe, Mercury News