Thursday, December 18, 2008

Companies forego holiday parties in the spirit of giving

Heading into this holiday season, I, along with my colleagues, had a grim feeling of unease. Requests for food assistance were at an all time high and donations from one of our largest constituencies, corporations, were coming in at 50% below their typical level. With more people to serve and less resources to pull from, conversations among the management staff at the Food Bank took on a hushed “what if” tone as we inched closer to 2009.

While we are no way in the clear (to date we are about 1/3 of the way towards out $8 million financial goal) I am delighted to have learned late last week of five Silicon Valley-based companies who opted for forgo their holiday parties and donate the money they would have spent to the Food Bank. The companies include: Cypress Semiconductor, Electric Power Research Institute, Monolithic Power Systems, Tessera Technologies and one that wishes to remain anonymous.

Rick Neely, CFO of Monolithic Power Systems said, “we did not feel right having a holiday celebration when others could barely put food on their tables and feed their families.”

This level of sacrifice and dedication to helping those in need is wonderful. I am happy to say the spirit of giving and sharing is alive and well in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. 

If you or your company would like to support our mission of feeding those in need in our community, please contact our Donor Hotline at 1-866-234-3663 or click to Donate Online.